Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentines Wreath

Hello Everyone!  I'm back!

One of my new years resolution was to get back on track with this little ole blog here.  I'm already a little late starting but I'm ready.

If you are a newer follower, welcome.  For those who have followed awhile you know that I have a thing for wreaths.  I really enjoy making wreaths.  They are usually quick projects and lots of fun. And I get to put them on my door for everyone to see.  :)

So I had this brilliant idea for a Valentines Wreath.  My hubby gently suggested I just go down to the storage room and use one of the many down there, but whats the fun in that?!  So here is this years Love Day wreath.

Isn't it fun?!  My mom said it looked a little like something out of Victoria's Secret, (and it totally does) but I love it!  I think that it has a very "valentines" look to it without the traditional colors.

And it was very simple to make!

All you do is wrap a black feather boa around a foam wreath form.  Then find some "love note" scrap paper and modge podge it to a heart.  I also added a few jewels and some glitter to the heart.

Add a big old bow and hang the heart from the wreath with a little ribbon.

Then hang and enjoy!

I got all my supplies for this beauty at Micheal's.

So tell me, do you put up wreaths for every holiday?


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