Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Broom Cabinet

In case you missed it, here is my post for Wood You Like To Craft this month.  Our theme was "organization" and there was a bunch of awesome stuff so head over and check them all out!


Hello there all my wood crafty friends!  It's Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary here today to kick off another week of Wood You Like to Craft!!  If you follow my blog you already know that I am expecting another baby in November, well one of the best things about being pregnant is the overwhelming desire to get your house in order. I decided to take advantage of the insanity and am declaring this organization week!  I'm so excited to see what clever things everyone comes up with!

For my project I decided to take care of a little problem that had been bugging me for months.... my mop and broom.  You see, we live in a split level house and the main level is all dark hardwood floor.  Because its dark it has to be mopped basically everyday.  Unfortunately there is no place to keep the broom or mop on the main level and I never would take the time to take it downstairs and put it away.  So they have been living in the corner of the kitchen.  But not anymore!  I took the only spare section of long wall in my kitchen and made a cabinet to custom fit my mop and broom!  I love it!

Its basically a glorified box with a door hung on the wall, but I love that everything now has a home!

And the front of the cabinet is chalkboard paint so it also serves a double purpose of being a place to write lists, notes, reminders, or menu plans.

Now I didn't take pictures for a step by step tutorial because if you want to make one you'll need to figure out what size works for your space and your stuff, and also because I had no idea what I was doing.  :)  But  I'll explain the process.

First you need to figure out what size you want your cabinet.  I knew I had a small space to hang it so I basically made mine as small as I could get away with.  Its about 5 feet tall, 14 inches wide, and about 6.5 inches deep, including the door.

Once you figure out your sizes then you basically build a box with an extra pieces on the back and an extra peice on the front.  Do this on both the top and bottom.

Then I added some molding to the top to give it a little extra something.

The door is also just a box with a piece off wood screwed to the back.  It is attached with simple hinges and has a knob and a "hook and eye" to keep it closed.

So that's the basic construction and then you can finish it however you like!

So that's my broom cabinet.  I have to admit to being really proud of it!  :)

Stay tuned for the rest of the great organization projects from the other members of the WYLTC team.  They always do amazing stuff so I'm sure it will be fantastic!

Thanks for reading!

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Karen said...

I love this! That was a very clever solution. I have no place for our vacuum. I didn't realize until after moving in that our home has no coat or broom closet :-(. Our vacuum travels around and usually ends up in the master bedroom. Drives me nuts! I also have dark hardwoods, and yes they need mopping constantly.

Janet said...

This is a brilliant idea! I never would have guessed that you had your broom and mop tucked away in that cute little cabinet. Love it!

Megzway said...

What an awesome idea. We have our washing machine in our kitchen & I keep the broom between it & the wall. I also have a spot on the other side of the kitchen I've been trying to fill & wanted to do a chalkboard. This would kill 2 birds w/ box. :) Thanks for the idea!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

This is a fantastic idea and even better with the chalkboard. I pinned it for future inspiration.

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