Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lots of Felt Flowers

The ladies in my neighborhood get together once a month to craft together.  It's fun.  This last time our theme was "hair pretties" and everyone just did their own thing.  I'm not much for making hair stuff so I just picked up some felt and buttons, searched pinterest for some inspiration, and figured I'd wing it once I got there.

Turns out making felt flowers is really fun... and addictive!  I couldn't stop!

Here is what I've made.... so far... I doubt I'm done.

Some are for my little monster and some our for my little niece that we are expecting to make her debut any day.

These first kind are really easy and fun.  They are basically made like the third flower in THIS tutorial, except I used all round circles and put a button in the center.

These ones are done the same way but with fabric scraps instead of felt, and doing two flowers and stacking them.

This one is my very favorite!

These ones I followed THIS tutorial.  They are really similar to the ones above with a slight variation.  Love them!

These ones are super easy and fun too!  You can find a tutorial on them HERE.  (I didn't sew, just hot glued)

And these ones are just layers flower shaped.  I really like the added embroidery. 

Most the flowers have alligator clips attached to the back.  I was making some newborn size headband for my niece when I had a brilliant idea.

I just made a blank headband and made a felt pocket on it.  The two ends are attached at the pocket, and then its folded over and hand stitched.

Now I can slide any clip and make it an instant headband!

I plan on making a couple more blank headbands in a few more colors... and I'm sure I'll be making more flowers while I'm at it.  They are too much fun!

So... what is your favorite flower tutorial?  Now that I'm addicted I'd love to try some more styles!

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