Monday, April 16, 2012

Ba'bee' Shower Week!- the decor and banner printable

Hey everyone!  I'm so excited! It is baby shower week!  As most of you know I helped throw a baby shower for my little sister a few weeks ago.  We went with a "mommy to bee" theme and it was a blast to decorate and plan around.  I'm going to spend the week sharing what I did and I have a bunch of free printable for you.  :)  (you can see how I did the invitations for the party HERE)

First up... the decor! 

We didn't go too over the top decorating, but we did a couple vignettes.  The first was the buffet table.

We found most of our party supplies at Zurchers.  We went with a yellow table cloth, black and white polka napkins, and black utensils.

The plates were pink. (this party was for a baby girl.  you could use a blue accent with the yellow and black and it would be just as cute.) The cups yellow, and we also had bee napkins.

The centerpiece was the diaper cake (tutorial to come) and a balloon bouquet.

We had a local bakery make cupcakes with bees on it for us.  They didn't turn out exactly as I had imagined, but they were cute.... and really yummy!

Then on the other side of the room I had the gift table.

 I hung the "mommy to bee" banner across the mantle and flanked it with two more balloon bouquets.

The banner was made using this digital kit by  Faith True Originals.  A big thanks to her for making such cute digital kits!

I printed the banner at office max on card stock.  I had the images printed at 5x7 and then cute each one down to 5x5.  They have such good printers the quality was way better then I could have gotten at home.
I then punched holes in each corner and strung the whole thing up with yellow yarn.

It was a really easy project but totally set the theme for the shower.

And I just loved the balloons!

So that was about it.  I have a whole bunch more to show you from the shower but I'll leave you with a free printable for the banner.  :)

You need 3-m, 2-o, 1-y, 1-t, 1-b, 2-e, and 4 of the bees to spell "mommy to bee". I have a pink and a blue version for you. Enjoy!

(please be a public follower of sassy sanctuary before downloading.  thanks!)

Download PINK Banner
Download BLUE Banner

Let me know if there are any problems with the download.

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