Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Shower Invitations

So my little sister is having a baby in June... (I can't wait!!!) and I am co-hosting a baby shower for her at the end of this month.  Of course I made the invitation and they turned out so cute, I had to share!  The theme of our shower is going to be "Mommy to Bee" and we are going to decorate in pink, yellow, and black.  I think it will be really cute.

Here is how my invites turned out.

Aren't they cute!  I made the image using this digital kit by Faith True Originals.

I manipulated the red in the kit to make it a hot pink since we are expecting a little girl.  I think the bright pink, yellow, and black makes such a cute color combination.

I printed my images at Costco and then mounted them to pink card-stock using black photo-corners and a little bit of double sided tape.  The card-stock helps give the pictures some weight.

So anyway... that's it.  I'm in charge of all the decorations for the shower so I will show you what else I come up with as it happens.


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