Thursday, January 05, 2012

Winter Mantle Display

Sorry about the lack of posts people!  I hope everyone has had a great holiday and that you are enjoying getting back to normal.  I know I am!

We are slowly getting things hung and settled in our new house.  I will show you guys each room as I get them done (if there is even such a thing as "done") and the promised kitchen reveal is coming soon.

I do have my mantle hung and decorated for winter though and I'm loving how it looks in the new space!

(P.S.  I have had a ton of emails asking about my mantle.  My dear husband built it for me.  He has promised to write up a little something describing how it is built and the dimensions and such.  Not sure when he will actually get to it, but I'll keep bugging him until he does.  Okay?)

I put my mirror and shutters up like I had in my old house.  Then for the winter display I have a grouping on one side with my Family Rules Print,  a vase with beads and "ice sticks"  and a glass candle goblet.

Then the other side has my adorable snowman.  My MIL got it for me for Christmas this year and I think its so cute!!!  It reads "Families are forever because love never melts."  Ahhh!!!!

The whole display is tied together with a garland off my Christmas tree and "sugared" fruit  and pine cones scattered throughout.

So that's it.  Its simple but cute.  Can't wait to show you guys the rest of the space!  Be back soon!

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