Monday, January 23, 2012

Kitchen Reveal!!!

The time has come!  I'm ready to show you guys how my kitchen turned out!  We just finished the back-splash last week so all the major elements are in.  We still have a few odds and ends to do and I need to decorate above the cabinets and make curtains for the window... but I'm excited to show you what we have at this point.

But first I have to remind you what it looked liked when we started...

And here it is now...

As you can see the kitchen got a complete new layout.  The original plan was to just refinish the cabinets and get new counter tops and appliances, but once we got in there we realized that the sub-floor was rotted and needed to be replaced.  And since we had to rip it out anyway, we decided to just start over.

Once the space was clear I immediately decided I wanted to redo the layout.  (Funny how I never would have even thought it was possible until I was looking at a blank space.) We kept all the appliances where they were so we wouldn't have to move plumbing or electrical, but by removing the tiny closet and pantry we made room for a whole pantry wall.

There is SO much more storage here!

And I also decided to get rid of the bar and put an island instead.  It really opens the space and makes for a great center work surface.

And you can bet that I'm loving all those drawers!

The cabinetry was made by Merrill Woodworking out of Rigby, Idaho and they did a fantastic job and came in substantially cheaper then anyone here in Utah.  I had them do all the outer cabinets in this fantastic grey with a brown glaze over the top.

And the island is black with the brown rub-through effect. 

The Granite is also out of Idaho and was done by Universal Stone.  Its "Galaxy Black"  and I love that its fairly uniform and not too busy, but it still has some great character. Its a beautiful mix of blacks and greys with gold flecks in it.

Flooring is the same laminate that is in the rest of the main floor and the walls are Sherwin Williams "Amazing Grey."  The back splash is done in the always classy white subway tile.

So that's it!

I think it turned out amazing and is such a big difference then what was here a few short months ago.  Now I just need to find some time to get up there and decorate!  Can't wait!

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