Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snowman Ornament- Kids Craft

I was asked to come up with a Christmas kids craft to do with my son's kindergarten class last week.  So I hit up pinterest and was inspired by all the cute popsicle stick ornaments.  Turns out you can make anything from a Santa to a Christmas Tree to an Angel out of a popsicle stick!  I decide to make Snowmen since they looked like they would be simple and I was dealing with 15 kindergarteners.  :)

All you do is have the kids paint a popsicle stick white with craft paint. Tell them to be careful not use too much paint so it will dry quick.  Then they can glue (regular white glue) buttons down the front of it.  I had pre-cut little hats from black foam and the kids stuck those on with foam tape. (once the paint had dried) The scarf is made from a pipe cleaner and the kids all drew faces on with markers.  Once done, I hot glued a loop of yarn to the back so they could hang them on the tree.  They all turned out super cute and all 15 kids had their snowman made in about 30 minutes.

Here is how they looked.


They were a blast to make with the kiddos.  :)
Thanks pinterest!

(you can find the original inspiration for these HERE)

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