Saturday, December 24, 2011

Progress Report- Moving In

I'm so excited to show you guys all the work we have done on our new house!  We finally got all the major construction done and are moved in.  I haven't hung a single thing on the walls yet, or installed blinds, and we have a long list of odds and ends to finish, but most the boxes are unpacked, the Christmas tree is up and its great to be living under the same roof again!

If you want to see what it looked like before, you can check out THIS post.

Here is the front room as it looks at this point.

I'm loving how the board and batten turned out and it adds so much to the space!  The walls are painted "amazing grey" by Sherwin Williams and its a nice grayish beige color. (its actually the color throughout all the main rooms of the house)  It looks great with all the grey and blues I have going on in the house but is still warm enough to go with the browns too.  All the trim and ceiling in the whole house are a true bright white.

Aren't the floors nice?  They are a laminate floor that we got from Sam's Club.  Its a click-in place product  that floats on the sub floor.  It was easy to install, had the backing already on it, and only cost $1.50 a square foot.  Amazing!  We love it!

I was sure my kitchen table wasn't going to fit in this house, but its actually perfect.

Although the placement of the light fixture is going to have to move..... eventually.

The downstairs family room is coming along really well.

I'm in LOVE with my media wall!  I've started decorating the shelves but I have a long way to go.  Its going to be so fun to have all that space to make pretty.  This room is already the main hang out space for our family and I love the cozy feel.

The upstairs hallway looks pretty awesome too.

We painted all the doors in the whole house black.  With the white trim and white board and batten, its a pretty neat look.  It really made the cheap doors look more high end.

My son's room....

Is pretty much the same as it was in my old house.  The wall color in here is "Grassland" by Sherwin Williams.  Its the prettiest soft green.   I picked it because it looks great with the stuff going on in my son's room now, but will also be a great nursery color when the time comes to move him downstairs and add to our family.

My daughters room....

Is also basically a recreation of her room at our old house.  The only difference here is instead of the faux panel walls we used actual molding to panel one wall.  Its crazy how such a simple treatment adds so much to the look of her room.  The wall color in here is a lot softer pink too.  It's "Charming Pink" by Sherwin Williams.

And here is my bedroom.

Its definitely a work in progress but I see so much potential!  I love the wall color in here.  Its called "Silver Strand" also by Sherwin Williams and is the prettiest, soft, blue-grey color.  I totally love the color and I'm super excited to do some new things in here.

The only room in the house we didn't totally gut was the kids bathroom.  We do plan on re-doing it in the future, but it works for now.  Its a good thing we left it in tack too because the master bathroom still looks like this.

We decided it was best to get all moved and then we can work on the bathroom over the next month or so.  But that means that my family of four is all sharing this tiny space.

It works.  Its just small.

Now you may have noticed that there is one room I've not shown you...

My kitchen!
All that is left in there is tiling the back-splash and it has turned out so good and is such a transformation that I want to wait to show you in a big reveal.  It'll be worth the wait though.  Promise.

Here is a little peek to wet your appetite though.

It's a dream.  I can't wait to show you!

I hope you all have a very MERRY Christmas!


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