Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Place Card Printable- Kids Craft

I know this is super last minute, but I wanted to come up with a little craft for my kids to do on Thanksgiving while we cook.  My thought was that if I could come up something that helped them feel apart of the preparations, maybe they would actually appreciate enjoy the feast more.  So I made these little turkey place cards for them to color.

All you need to do is save the image, print it on card stock and let the kids color.  You can either put everyone's name on the cards or have the kids write things they are thankful for.  Then cut them out, tape them into a ring and use as either a place card or napkin ring.

I made up one as an example.  For this one I just opened the file in MS Paint and colored it that way.  Here is how they look all made up.


I'm sure the kids will have fun making them and it will be cute to see how they color them.

Here is the file

Just click to view it larger and then save the image.  They are created to be printed on a regular letter size paper.

And here is the one I already colored in case you don't have kids to color them for you.  :)  But once again, if you want to do your own colors just open the black and white version in paint and have fun!

I do ask that you please be a follower of this blog before using these files.  And I also want to credit Homemade Preschool for the cute Turkey I used in these printable.

I hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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