Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Progress Report- Demolition

Well, we closed on the "new" house and my husband spent the last week down there starting the remodel.  And like most remodels, we basically opened up a can of worms!

Let's walk through it again shall we?....

Here is the front room.  All that's happened in here is the carpet and baseboards have been removed.

Here is the kitchen....


If you remember, we were planning on refinishing the cabinetry and replacing the counter-tops...eventually.  We did know that the disposal was leaking and needed to be replaced, but upon further inspection we discovered mold.  If fact, it was SO bad that the sub-floor below the kitchen sink had to be completely replaced!  So we took a few cabinets out, decided that they really were poorly built, abused, and falling apart, and it would be a better idea to just start over.  While it was a bit of a blow from a budget stand point, its SO exciting from a design stand point! 

The best part, once I saw the space empty, I was able to see past what was there to what could be there!  So... I made my husband rip out the teeny tiny coat closet and teeny tiny pantry and we are doing a whole new layout!  I don't want to spoil the reveal, but lets just say that I have one gorgeous kitchen in my future!

Once the closets came out though, we had to figure out a way to brace the wall. So we added a column, tying it into the ceiling.  Its nothing fancy now, but its a going to be a fun design opportunity come trim time!

Above is looking from the kitchen to the stairs.  Upstairs are the bedrooms, downstairs is the family room and some unfinished space... that we will get to later down the road.

The family room had some ceiling Sheetrock damage, so we took advantage of having the ceiling down and added can lighting and wiring for surround sound.  The back wall my husband braced so we can hang a TV from the wall and we are going to do a built-in feature over there.

Upstairs, we haven't touched the kids bedrooms or bathroom yet.  Thanks goodness, because our bathroom looks like this!

Another advantage to the ceiling being down in the basement, is it gave us access to the plumbing in the master bath.  Since there was plenty of room to do it, we decided to add double sinks in the master.  I'm sure it will be a good selling feature.

Notice the mold in here too? Yuk!  Turns out the toilet was leaking and the previous owners just let it run.  The sub-floor here is actually solid, so it just needs a good scrub and a bunch of bleach to kill everything.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the materials going back in here.

ooh la la!

So that's where we are at now.  We sure have our work cut out if we are going to move in about 4 week!  Luckily all the prep work is done and everything from here on out will be putting it back together.  Can't wait to show you all!


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