Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Bean-Bag Toss

So, before Halloween is over and its too late, I wanted to show you guys the Halloween Bean-Bag Toss I made for our church party on Friday.  I was really easy and we had it done in an afternoon, so its not too late to make one last minute for your Halloween parties tomorrow night. (and of course the same idea could be applied to ANY theme, anytime of the year!)

Just get a piece of plywood.  My neighbor got our board from Home Depot and it was a clearance "cut" piece and only cost about $2.

Then draw your shape on the board and cut it out with a jig saw.  (I will confess, this was my first time ever using the jig saw but it was SO easy! You can do it!)

To make cutting the inside parts easier, you can drill holes in all the corners to make it easy to turn your blade.   (you can kinda see where the hole was drilled in the photo below)

 Then just paint it!

It turned out so cute and was such a fun afternoon project!  The kids had a blast with it at our party too, which was the best part!

You could get fancy and build a stand, but we kept it simple and just leaned it up against a wall.  :)

Hopefully it will be used for many Halloween parties to come!

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