Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Card Art

I have been meaning to show you guys all last week an idea for what can be done with your Charming Cozy Creations cards and invitations, but things got away from me.  So, I'm going to extend the giveaway for another few days to give everyone a chance to enter.

Anyway,  I thought my Halloween card was so cute and I wanted to come up with a fun way to display it with the rest of my Halloween decor.  So I printed the card with my regular ink-jet printer at an 8x10 on regular old paper.  Then I gave it a light spray with some finishing spray.  (To help seal the ink)  I cut a board I had laying around to 9x11.  Painted the board black and modge-podged the card to the board.  It worked great!  I was a little worried about the paper bleeding (and it did a teeny tiny bit) but really turned out surprisingly well!  Then I of course made it extra fun with some strategically placed glitter and a big old bow!

Ready to see?

So much fun right!

I think this would be a great way to create a keep sake for any special event.  Next baby announcement I have will definitely get this treatment!

I love how the glitter really made the elements pop.

 (you can see in that last picture how the colors did bleed a little.  I think it actually helps give the picture a vintage look so I'm still happy with it!)

And of course, if you read this blog you know how I love a big bow!

So much fun! 

I took pictures outside today because the lighting was terrible this morning, but it looks so cute tucked in with the rest of my Halloween decor.

So go enter the Charming Cozy Creations giveaway so you can make one of your own!

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