Monday, August 01, 2011

The Bathroom Is Done!

For Christmas this past year I got a new shower curtain and towels for my kids bathroom.  Shortly after, my kids ripped the shower curtain rod from the wall leaving massive holes.  Since I had to patch drywall and paint said holes, I decided we might as well give the whole bathroom a little face lift.  It was time.

That was 6 months ago.

I'm not kidding you.  We have lived without our secondary shower for a half a year.  I have no idea why.  Once I put my mind to it, it actually came together fairly quick.  It was just one of those projects that kept getting put off.  So you can imagine how happy I am to announce that its DONE!

I wish I had a before picture for you.  I know I took one but since it took so long to get from before to after, that photo is nowhere to be found.  But it was pretty plain Jane.  My goal with the new look was a fun, kid space that would still be adult appropriate.  This bathroom is also the one guests use.

Without farther ado, my bathroom.

The big things were we added a board and batten treatment to the walls, painted, and refinished the cabinetry.  We installed the tile a couple years ago so that was still good.

The color scheme came from my shower curtain. (from Target)  The same green is used on the wall above the board and batten and the cabinetry.

The bathroom didn't take on a theme until I made the birdhouse display last month.  Once that went in there, I ran with it.  I have added bird decor throughout the space and even hand painted a branch with two lovebirds on one wall.

I had no idea I could do that! 

But perhaps my favorite piece in the bathroom is the cabinet I made for above the toilet.  I have been in love with mason jar shelves and also wanted some book and bottle storage so I combined the two.

That shelf is actually going to be the theme for September's WYLTC project so you can watch for the tutorial over there.

Honestly, the hardest thing I had to do in there was photograph it.  It was so hard to get a feel for the space in pictures because it is so small and there is absolutely no natural light, so I thought I would take you on a little video tour.


EDIT:  I forgot to tell you what color paint I used!  It is Valspar's "Spring Eve" number 316-3.

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