Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom's Fireplace

So, the other day my Mom asked me to help her decorate above her fireplace.  It was a challenging spot because of the scale.  It is high, has a huge blank area, and is visible from the balcony upstairs. Whatever we put there had to look good from multiple angles.  Here is what we came up with.

(I'm wishing I got a before shot, but didn't have my camera at the time.  Just imagine nothing there.)

My Mom has such a pretty house.  

Here is another shot so you can get a perspective of the scale.

A lot of blank wall space!

When doing a vignette like this, its all about scale.  We went to Homegoods and gathered over sized accessories.  The center is two trunks stacked on top of each other.  Since we had to work with some oddly placed molding...

I made the display mimic the shape of that.  The molding seems to make more sense now.  So the tallest item, the two trunks went in the center and we build from there.

The left side has some lanterns, a basket of greenery, and a bird cage.

And the right side has an outdoor statue, copper platter, faux books, and a model airplane... with some more greenery.  I like having greenery throughout my displays.  I feel it helps tie everything together.
It was a fun spot to decorate,  (but scary, you should have seen me on top of that ladder!) and I am happy with how it turned out!

(view from the family room)

(view from upstairs)

But the best part is that my Mom is happy with it too.  So hopefully if you have a tricky spot that needs some "stuff" you will feel inspired to tackle it. 

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