Friday, June 17, 2011

Penny Key Chain

I know this is a little late in coming but I wanted to share with you a little somethin somethin I made for my husband for Father's Day.  It was pretty easy and quick to make so if you are looking for a last minute idea, here ya go.

The other day I was browsing Pinterest (there has been a lot of that lately) and I came across this penny key chain and thought it was perfect for Father's Day, so I recreated it.  Here is mine.

 The first washer I stamped with the text "Lucky Dad"...

Then I have pennies from the years our kids were born...

And the last washer is stamped with the names of our kiddos.  Cute huh?!

Here are some tips if you want to make your own.
1.  Hammer your stamps on a hard surface, like your garage floor, and give it several hard whacks without moving your stamp.
2.  Color the stamped washer with a sharpie and then wipe with a wet rag.  This will help your text stand out.
3. When drilling your holes, just keep steady pressure and let your drill do the work.  I was nervous about this part but it turned out to be fine.

4.  To keep the coins still while drilling, I taped them to a scrap piece of wood.

And that's it.  A Father's Day penny key chain.


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