Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fire Crackers

I have seen a ton of adorable wooden fire crackers around blogland, so when I needed something to balance out the red on my mantel vignette, I decided to make myself a set too.

They are fun, easy, and super cute!

Here's how they were done.

A.  I cut my blocks out of a 3x3 post.  They are 7, 8.5, and 10 inches tall.
B.  Paint your blocks. I did red, white, and aqua, but whatever colors float your boat.
C.  I then did a coat of wood stain over the paint.  I really like the way wood stain antiques the paint colors, but this is optional.
D.  Use modge podge to apply cute scrapbook paper.  I left a fingers width of wood on the top and bottom exposed because I wanted the paper to look like wrappers.  I found it was easiest to cut the paper and apply it one side at a time.  I then sanded all the edges to expose some bare wood.
E.  Make some curlies with wire.  I love the red wire I found!
F. Drill little hole in the tops of your fire crackers and hot glue in the wire fuses.

That's it!

For real...easy.  A nap time project for sure.  Hurry and make some!

(Disclaimer: these are not real fire crackers and you can't blow them up.  My hubby was a bit disappointed.)

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