Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sofa Table Vignette

You saw hints of it when I showed off my planter box for Wood you like to craft? but I wanted to show you guys my sofa table vignette.  I didn't snap a before picture, but if you can imagine an empty table sitting behind a sofa, that's what it looked like..... and had looked like for a long time.

You see, I don't have a true entryway.  When you walk into my home you walk into our family room.  I have the sofa situated so that it acts as a divider between the entry and the family room, and the table hides the back of the sofa.  When we first moved in I had decorated it, but this was before I had children that were mobile and eventually everything that was there got moved or broken.  Such is the life of a mother!  And so it sat.... empty.

To be honest, the emptiness didn't bother me until recently.  You see, directly opposite the sofa table is my mantle shelf which I installed this last fall.  Those who follow this blog know that it is decorated to the hilt!  So the contrast of decorated and not, was starting to get to me.  When the Crafty Sisters announced this months project, it was just the kick I needed to get something done there.

Okay guys, sorry that intro was a little long winded, onto the table display!

It all started when I won a giveaway from my E-BFF Sarah over at The Bird's Papaya.  I won this adorable Silly Mama Quilts table runner.  I originally picked it to go on my kitchen table, but it fit so perfectly on the sofa table that I knew that's where it had to live.

The colors and patterns in it are just dreamy!  So when I made the planter box, I picked the turquoise to go with the runner.  I planned on placing the planter on top of the table, but it looked a lot better on the bottom shelf.

So for the top I got a couple of "book boxes" from Micheal's. I love the colors of them and they look super cute stacked.  I placed a rose candle holder on top of the stack. 

To balance out the other side, I stole an angel from above my kitchen cabinets.  I have a thing for angels and you'll find them scattered throughout my house.

And that's it!  Its a pretty simple display, but its bursting with color and is so fun for spring!  It just feels great to have something (anything) there. 

And the best part? So far my kids have, surprisingly, left it alone.  Yipee!

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