Monday, May 16, 2011

Rapunzel Hair

So I'm going to deviate from my usually home decor creations and show you guys the fun Rapunzel hair I made for my daughter and niece.

It was my niece's birthday a bit ago and I wanted to get her the movie Tangled.  (Have you seen it?  Adorable!)  My niece is the same age as my daughter, who is Tangled obsessed, so I figured it was sure to be a hit.  I planned on getting her a Rapunzel wig to go with her movie, but they were sold out at Toys R Us.  I got online to order it, read a bunch of  reviews, and they all basically said "The wig will fall apart and become a giant mess.  Don't buy it.  If you want Rapunzel hair, get the braid."

Disney Store Tangled Rapunzel Hair Piece Rapunzel Braid Rapunzel Wig - Disney Tangled Rapunzel Hair Piece
Here is the Tangled braid.  This one is $75 from Amazon.  Ummm.... I don't think so.

So I made a few of my own!

(And that's my little princess modeling it for you.)

So, if your little princess is in need of her own Rapunzel hair, here is how I made mine.

Get a bunch of yellow yarn.  You want to stretch a bunch of pieces out.  Mine was about 10 feet long and about 20 yarns thick.  You then find the middle, tie a piece of yarn around it, and fold the whole thing in half.  (image A)

I tied mine to a chair to make it easier to work with, but an extra hand would work too. (image B)

Divide the yarn into three sections and start braiding.  Be careful that your yarn doesn't get tangled!  (hehe)
(image C)

Once you get to the end, tie another piece of yarn around the bottom and give it a haircut so everything is even. (image D)

I hot glued my braid to an alligator chip.  I then hot glued a flower to the top to hide the clip and glued a  few flowers down the braid. (image E)

I finished the end of with a pink bow. (image F)

And that's it!  A fun little Rapunzel hair piece.

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