Friday, May 20, 2011

Inspiration File

Its been a busy week guys.  Tomorrow I am throwing my first "friend" party for my son's 5th birthday.  I should have about 9 kids that range from 3-6.  I'm a little scared, but my kiddo is super excited.  So... sorry this post is a little late coming.

A couple great things to share this week.  First up, Lella Boutique made this adorable table runner.  I love it and wish I had the skill (aka patience) to sew.  But what really caught my eye here was the centerpiece.  Oh my I love you!  I loved my planter box on my kitchen table but it ended up living elsewhere because of how heavy it was.  (Maybe using rocks as a filler wasn't the best idea.)  So I'm thinking I have to knock off this whole set up.  Love it all!

And secondly, I am loving these pillows from Domestically Speaking.  The texture combo of the velvet and burlap is just dreamy!  If I ever get around to doing my bedroom, I'm going to have to remember these.  Great job!

Thanks for the inspiration!  Remember to grab a button!


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