Friday, May 13, 2011

Inspiration File

So.... you may have noticed (but probably didn't) that I have a new icon over there. -->

That little P, it stands for Pinterest and i am loving it!  I'm sure you all have heard of Pinterest by now, but if not, it is a virtual pin board.  As you are browsing the web, you can "pin" images that you want to remember.  This saves them on your boards (with links) so you never forget a great idea!  Love!  So yes, its one giant inspiration file.

I've been on Pinterest for about a week now so I'm just getting the hang of it all, but its fun.  Really fun.  So if you are a Pinterest user you can follow me and see what's catching my eye.  (And I'd love to follow you back!)  I'm still going to feature my favorite ideas here, because everyone like a feature, but a more comprehensive list of inspiration can be found there.

If you need an invite, just leave a comment with your email and I'll send you one.

On to this weeks inspiration file!

First up, remember the mason jar key holder that I featured?  Well, I love it.  Then I came across this shelf from TRwoodworks and I love love it!  SO cute huh?!  Anyway, the wheels are turning and you can bet a knock off is in the works.

Country Key Holder with 2 Hooks and Mason Jar Vase in shabby Blue Gray- TRwoodworks

Next, did you see the drink tub flower pot that Every Creative Endeavor made?  LOVE!  I just love the pop of color and the welcome sign.  I was 100% planning on making one for my front steps and even went to the store to pick up my tub.  But I made the mistake of taking the hubs with me and he vetoed the idea.  You see, I don't have a front porch, just steps and he was convinced there wouldn't be room to walk and it would just get knocked over by kids.  Rude.  Ruin all my dreams! 

And finally, I'm in love with this headboard bench from Scissors & Spatulas.  It doesn't even need a description... just look at the picture and swoon.  (And yes, she has a tutorial.  Time to raid the thrift shops!)

So that's it!  Thanks for the inspiration and don't forget to grab a featured button.  


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