Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway!- Social Networking Magnets

So I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but last week this little ole blog hit 500 followers.  I am blown away.  I craft and decorate my home for me.  I enjoy it and it makes me happy.  I blog because I'm excited about the things I'm working on and my husband's enthusiasm (or lack there of) sometimes just doesn't cut it.  When I post and get a comment from someone saying they appreciate the idea or are inspired by something I've put together it gives me such a sense of validation.  You, my dear readers, are what keeps me creating and in turn keeps me sane.  Thank you so much!  I am honored that you take time from your busy lives to visit my little notch in the blog world.

In celebration of hitting this blogging milestone, I wanted to do a little giveaway so I came up with a little somethin somethin.  I figure most everyone who reads this blog is a fan of blogging and all that comes with it, so I created a set of social networking magnets.

They are kinda silly and fun, but would make a great addition to any bloggers craft space or office.  (Or the fridge, which is where my set is going to live.)

I made two sets, (one blue, one green) and the winner can have their pick.

So if you'd like to win these fun little social networking magnets, here is how to enter.

Mandatory Entry:  Please become a follower of this blog (if you aren't already) and then leave me a comment telling me what social networking avenue you like best and why.

Extra Entries:  (because is just seems appropriate)  tweet, facebook, or blog about this giveaway.  Leave me a comment for each one that you do.

So that's it. will pick a winner next week. 

And in case your curious, I don't twitter. I signed up a few years ago, spent half a day being totally confused and never went back.  I'm a shameless fb stalker and I'm on there constantly seeing what everyone I know is up to, but I rarely update my status or share anything on there.  Why?...because I'm a blogger!  Anything worth saying or sharing will end up here or on my family blog.  I think I'm just too long winded for facebook.  :)

EDIT:  Just so you guys know, these were hard to photograph and the pics really don't do them justice.  Of course it doesn't help that I was in too big of a hurry to let the mogde podge dry all the way either.  But rest assured that the cloudness has completely cleared up!

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