Monday, February 07, 2011

XOXO and the Completion of My V-day Mantel

Look what I made.

And by made I mean completely made, from scratch, all by myself, straight from my crazy brain to my shelf.  Yes, I'm a little proud.

I got a scroll saw for Christmas have have been so excited/ terrified about it.  I love wood crafts and have been wanting to be able to cut and design my own stuff, but I was also SURE I'd loose a couple of fingers in the process.  I finally decided to be brave and give it a shot.  While it is f.a.r from perfect I think it turned out pretty good for my first cut.

My favorite part is the little hearts hanging form the O's.

To finish of the rest of my V-day mantel I added these two adorable love birds I found for 1/2 off at Micheal's.  They are so cute!  Totally in love with them!

I also added this little cupid I cut from some pink vinyl to my mirror.

So here is the completed mantel shelf with all the Valentines touches.

I'm totally loving it and wish I had finished it sooner so I could enjoy it longer.  Its so lovey dovey and sweet it about makes you sick.  :)

I'll get a tutorial on the XOXO written up for you guys later today or tomorrow, and I heard your requests for a "How to stretch your blog past 1000 px" tutorial and will try to get that to you sometime next week.

Be back soon!

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Amanda Joy said...

You did awesome!!! I love the dangling hearts too. I am getting a scroll saw with tax returns if we ever file them:)

Kelly said...

WOW! Good job! The whole mantel looks adorable!!!


WobiSobi said...

It looks so good.. I love the XXOOO and the Love birds so so cute..

Kristol Faucheux said...

LOVE the mantle-scape, and the XOXO is WAY too cute! Great Job!!

Heidi said...

So cute! Love the hanging hearts.

chinamommy said...

What a GREAT job!! It is adorable, way to go!!

Sarah said...

How Cute!! Good job..

angie said...

very cute - i love the birds!

jenclair said...

Love your mantle! Really impressed with your skill with the scroll saw!

Breanna Veth said...

your newest follower!. Your mantle is ADORABLE! great job :)

Erin said...

You did a great job!

I'm scared of power tools that cut because I just assume I'll cut off my finger. LOL But I'm trying to get up the nerve to buy a jigsaw...and eventually a table saw. YIKES!

Anywho...I love the soft colors you chose for your mantel. :)

Jessica said...

So awesome. I love how everything goes together. Love the little touches.

Chapman Place

Ann said...

too pretty:)

Young and Crafty said...

You xoxo turned out beautifully! I love the font and the pink!

Thanks for sharing in FFA!


C'est Magnifique said...

Wow! Looks great!


Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

I love how everything came together on this one, and I especially love those cute little birds! The hugs and kisses are too sweet.

Restorative Living said...

Love it! We used those white ceramic birds as part of a wedding decor theme for my brother-in-law's wedding. So beautiful! I love them!


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