Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Valentines Wreath/ Door Hanging

I'm not sure if this is a wreath or not.  Its hollow like a wreath and hangs on the door, but its made from wood and has two tiers.  Hummm... quite the dilemma.

Whatever its called, its cute and is now hanging on my front door.

Awwww.... I just love Valentines Day! You can get away with such cutsie and girly stuff! 

Plus this one was super easy too.  I completed it during one nap time (minus cutting the wood out) and that was while having a major case of crafters ADD.  Does anyone else suffer from that?  Its was particularly bad this time.  I'd glue a couple of flowers and then catch myself checking my email or playing bakery story.

Here is the method to my madness.

First cut out two hearts as a base.  I used wood and cut them out the same time I did my XOXO but this could be made with foam or sturdy cardboard even.  The first, larger heart you make hollow.  Notice I flattened the point?  That was so I could hang my ribbon.  The second smaller heart is basically the same size as what you cut out of the first one.  (see A)

Give your base a coat of paint that matches your flowers. 

Then take a bunch of artificial flowers ( I used pink hydrangeas) and pull them apart.  Then you hot glue the flower petals onto your base, reconstructing the flower.  (see B)

Add a drop of glue (C) and some glitter. (D)

Continue until everything is covered.  Then attach some ribbon and a bow.  I hot glued the ribbon to the back so it would stay in place.  Attach the two hearts together with a couple eye hooks and some chain.

Hang and enjoy some lovey dovey cuteness on your front door!

Now the only thing left is to decide what to call it. 

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