Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration File

 I've been super busy planning for Wood you like to craft? (If you haven't yet, be sure to check that out!) so I only have a couple of inspirations for this week.  But never fear, for they are good ones!

First up is this AMAZING pillow from The Crafty Nomad.  My jaw literally dropped when I saw this.  Normally I like to feature projects that I would like to make someday, but I will never be this talented of a seamstress. Simply amazing.  I love that its so fitting for St. Patty's day too, although that thing would be out all year round at my house!

Now, the way my family room is set up, our couch acts as a divider from the family room and the entry.  I have a sofa table behind it to hide the back of the couch, and on that table is nothing.  Sad, I know.  Unfortunately anything there gets knocked around by my kids and I don't want to block the view of the mantle shelf that's directly across from it.  (This is where I should have just stopped to take a picture because I'm sure my thousand words made no sense.)  Anyway, when I saw this oh so cute candle holder from Bloom in Color I knew this was the answer.  Simple, indestructible, low and beautiful.  This is going on my very soon list.

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!  Feel free to grab a featured button.


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