Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines Stemware

I've been dragging my feet when it comes to Valentines Day.  After finally getting Christmas over and done with I just didn't want to deal with another holiday.  But I have finally pulled myself out of my rut and have begun my Valentines crafts.

I'd like to introduce my hand painted Valentine's stemware.

So fun right?!  They will make a nice addition to our little V-day celebration!

And they were SO easy to do! I used the same glass paint pens I used when I made my Christmas Candy Jars.

And no artistic skill is necessary.  All you have to do is find some cute images.  I did a google search for "valentines doodles" and found a couple I liked.  Printed and cut them out, put the paper inside the glass and traced.  Couldn't be easier! 

Follow the directions on your pens, but mine dried for 24 hours and then baked at 325 F for 40 minutes.  Now they are even dishwasher safe! Gotta love it!

Oh, and just so you know, if you decide you don't like your design before you bake it, the paint easily washes off so you can try again.

Now all I need is a yummy desert and a bottle of sparking cider for the perfect post-Valentines-date evening.  (Had to put that in there in case my hubby gets it in his head that we are staying home that night.  This momma needs a night out!)

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Those are so neat, Krystal! I like the one that says "Love You" in pink and red. :)

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Hi! Stopping by from Polly want a crafter. Very cute idea and so smart to trace around the images! Hope you get a night out with the hubby and put these to good use!

Tanya said...

What a great idea and would make a wonderful gift :) Very cute.

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