Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember to Pray- free printable!

Okay guys, I'm going to get a little personal here.

When I sit down and make my goals for the year, one that always makes the list is "build my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior."  Its something I feel that always can use improving upon.  Last year I made making it to my church meetings more regularly my priority.  This year its saying my personal prayers.

I will admit that I have become horribly lax in saying my prayers.   I know that personal prayer is the key to having a close relationship with God and I am determined to do better.  But because I'm out of habit, it is really easy for me to simple forget to pray.  Lets face it, I forget to EAT some days and I have a belly that growls at me!

So my solution was to make a not so subtle reminder to sit next to my bed. 

I made a simple print telling me to remember to pray.  I also included a favorite scripture quote.  It reads "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you...." which pretty much sums up what I want.   I want to feel close to the Lord.

The frame is a cheap dollar store frame that I gave new life to with a crackle finish.

I have been having a lot of fun with crackle lately and it is really simple to do.  Just take a frame, give it a base coat and let dry.  Then paint a layer of craft glue, let that begin to setup but not dry completely, and then add a top coat of paint in a different color.  Then just sit back and watch the magic happen!

If anyone else needs a reminder to pray anywhere in their home, here is the graphic I used.  Just click, save, and print.  The image is made at 5x7 but you are welcome to resize however works for you.

So what things are you working on this year?

(In case anyone is wondering, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and you can learn more about what we believe HERE)

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