Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am so glad you guys liked my dish towel belts!  They really are a simple solution but they work great and look adorable.  I just love them.  (tutorial found here)

But guess what?!?  I made an extra one to give away to one of you.  Surprise!

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me how awesome I am, and will pick a winner next week.  Please remember to include contact information so I can get a hold of you if you win.

DISCLAIMER:  This product is 100% handmade by me and is in no way perfect.  Whoever wins this giveaway must love it intensely but is not allowed to look too closely at my sewing skills (or lack thereof) or make fun of me in any way.



Kristyn @ Good Gravy Crafts said...

you rock bc you can sew!!!

nice job!


Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

My favorite one! Yay! Very good solution to a problem that we share!

Jaquie said...

You are so awesome! I can barely even run my sewing machine! You talented little thing, you. :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think you are awesome because I love the fabrics you chose...that ruffle is so cute. :)

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said... it goes.

Why you are awesome:
-You designed my blog, and I love it.
-You are one of the nicest, bestest bloggy friends I have.
-You have some MAD talent
-I love your tutorials
-Your inspiration file is soooo cool, I refer to it often. RANDOM.ORG MY NAME!!! hahahaha.

Allison said...

That is adorable! Thanks so much for making an extra to share! :)

smooched said...

I stumped across your blog not too long ago. I keep on coming back because I absolutely love your DIY ideas and all. Your style and creative are awesomeness! There are some of your DIY project I definitely wanna try myself one day soon! Pick me!! ;)

jenclair said...

Girl, you ARE AWESOME! Even if I don't win, I'm going to make some of these for gifts!

Tiffany said...

I totally want this and i think you are so awesome to share with us. Never underestimate your sewing abilities because i'm impressed!

Krista said...

You're my AWESOME-EST BFF!! YAAAAY YOU! (can you see me rolling my arms and jumping up like an old school cheerleader? Well, I am!)

Sarah said...

you're awesome because you're so creative!! :D this towel belt is adorable & functional! :)


Rachael said...

You are a big AWESOME ball of AWESOME craftiness!! And you can sew... which pretty much blows me out of the water, LOL!




I just love this idea which means I think you're spectacular! Have pick me!

JaCobi said...

This was even my favorite one!! Love them!! And you did such a great job!

jacobismigel (at) gmail (dot) com

The Hoffman's said...

I love your blog! Your tutorials are easy to follow and give me great ideas for me to do at my house :-)`1

Alli Blue said...

You are :) No really. I love those! HOLLA!

April Showers said...

OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am seriously jumping up and down in excitement! I was hoping that you would have a giveaway of the towel belts. I absolutely LOVE the idea, and can't wait to win my very own!!

I just found your blog, and it is now on the top of my very favorite blogs, saved on a tab on my computer. Can't wait for more ideas and tutorials. Thank YOU!!!

bbgal04 (at) hotmail com

Jessica said...

Um where do I even start in on how awesome you are? Sheesh! I mean, I could start with the genetic similarities, but that's a given. :)

Megan said...

you're awesome because you make being Crafty look super easy!


Allison Hukill said...

I LOVE these. I've wanted to make one since I saw it. The dishtowels were actually the first blog I read after subscribing to you! I love them and I want one for everyone I know!

adventuringsmiths said...

You rock like 2Pac! (I stole this line from a student who actually used it in an essay) Thanks so much for making an extra!

jhitomi said...

You are terrific to share your knowledge and give this away! Some of us didn't know what a towel belt was until five minutes ago when I found this great post.
Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

positivepolly said...

You are awesome!
You are generous!
You play well with others .. :-)
Love this Dish Towel Belt and I am hoping that some of my girlfriends who know their way around a sewing machine will make some of these for our Craft fair. :-)

Would love to win yours! I could say I have an original. Hope you autograph it. :-)

klbuley said...

I JUST found you (like yesterday), and i'm so glad I did. I am impressed by your total craftiness and I am sure I will enjoy playing "catch up" on your older posts.

Just this... Alice said...

I can't think of anyone more awesome than you at the moment. Your idea is one of the best I've seen for the problem of dishtowels sliding off the door handle of the oven. Love the color combination of your giveaway one.

NoraK said...

I love all your inspiration! What a great idea and I love the colors!

April said...

You are TOTALLY awesome!

Jane said...

You are amazingly awesome!!! ;) LOVE the towel belt idea along with all your other ideas!

Adelina Priddis said...

you are so awesome!! My favorite blog ever!!

Nicole said...

Love your blog! Just found it from Sugardoddle and it is going on one of my favorites list! :)

Maria and Michelle said...

I just found your blog (not even sure how I got here), and am so glad I did! Super cute stuff and I'd love to win this!

Michelle @ FTSN

Denise said...

I think you are awesome and so is this post, it's what made me add you to my favorites bar on my computer! I would love a towel belt made by you!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Get out of town! That is so cute!! I'm loving your awesomeness for giving one of these cuties away!

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