Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspiration File

Its been a busy week and I didn't get a lot of blog surfing in, so I only have one thing to share.

How Does She made the CUTEST v-day cookies.  I love them to bits and think they would be so much fun to make. 

Aren't they funny?  Shelley was worried about offending people but I think they are great.  I'd even give them out to neighbors... but I'm like that.  ;)

Anyway, since I only had one inspiration post to share I'd thought I'd answer a readers question in case anyone else is curious.  Heather wanted to make some vinyl inspired by my family rules subway art and was wondering what fonts I used.  So here they are.

All of these font can be found at either Kevin and Amanda or Scrap Village Fonts.  (except simsun and paperback are ms word fonts I believe)  I have a thing for fonts and have a bazillion.  As you can imagine, doing blog designs I get to work with all kinds of fonts... but my subway art actually came about after a font download spree.  I had to try my new fonts out!   So I encourage you go download some new ones, you never know what kind of inspiration can come from it.

Oh, and speaking of fonts, have you all noticed that blogger added a ton of fonts to their template designer?  Go check them out!


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