Monday, December 13, 2010

"Wall of Frames" Photo Booth

I am so FREAKIN excited to finally spill the beans on what I've been up to for the past few weeks.  I've been really hush hush about it, even to my family, because I wasn't sure we could pull it off.  But OMG, now that its done, it is unbelievably awesome.

It all started when my BFF Cola (you are going to hear more about her and her new blog soon) and I were having a play date and came upon this idea.  Cola, who is very entrepreneurial, saw this as a fun fresh idea with dollar signs in mind.  I saw it as seriously cute Christmas card potential.  So we decided to work together and make our own Christmas inspired "wall of frames" photo booth.  Before I show you all the how-to's and details, here is the finished product.  My 2010 Christmas Cards, coming soon to a mailbox near you!

Here is the final family photo minus all the card junk.

So fun right?!?  I love it and we are so impressed with ourselves.

Here is what we did.

We gathered a bunch of old frames from thrift and antique shops.  We wanted it to look like it could be a wall at your Grandmother's house so we went with a very eclectic "gathered over time" look.  We painted several of the frames that needed it.  We decided which three were going to be our openings (the three that were big enough for a person to stick their head through) and settled on a layout.  We then filled the rest of the frames with Christmas pictures printed from online images.  Cola was the mastermind behind finding and printing all the images.  We weren't concerned about our images having great quality since they'd only be viewed through a picture.

We then got a sheet of plywood, laid everything out and cut our openings.  We decided to wallpaper the board using wrapping paper.  It was a disaster!  So in the end we actually just wrapped the board with the paper like you would a gift and taped it in the back.  My wonderful, amazing, patient, talented husband (yes I'm sucking up here, he wasn't so thrilled about the whole thing)  was kind enough to build the actual structure for us.  He made the legs and did all the cutting.  The legs are easily detached with two screws for easier storage. Then we just hung all the frames and it was photo shoot time! Here are some pictures of the actual structure.

And a few closer looks at our frames.

(LOVE the crackle on this baby!  We achieved this look with nothing other then Elmer's glue and craft paint.  So proud!)

Cola was also our photographer.  She did a great job but REALLY impressed me when it came time to edit.  My son was being a pill and wouldn't cooperate.  We only got one decent shot of him, but not to fear, Cola was able to take the best one of the rest of us and just photoshopped my son into the shot.  Amazing, I know!  I am now convinced that I have to learn Photoshop.

So there you have it, that is how I came to have the coolest Christmas cards on the face of the planet.

Now if you are thinking "wow that's cool but seems like a lot of work for a Christmas card" then you are absolutely correct.  It was a lot of work.  But we are going to advertise it and try to rent it out for parties.  We can easily replace the background paper and images within the frames to fit any party theme, be it a wedding, office party, birthday bash, or school dance.  We may even try to take it to the State Fair next year so people can get a jump on their Christmas cards.  Who knows what will come of it, but the possibilities are endless.

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Nicole said...

That is adorable! What a great idea that is soooo unique! I love it. Beautiful family too!

Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

What a cute idea! Your son in the antlers kills me! :)

Christine said...

This is so great! Such Talent!

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

This is insanely cool.
I loooooove how it turned out.

Amanda said...

I LOVE this!! It is so fun. And you're right, the possibilities are endless. The would be an awesome idea for a wedding party picture. Thanks for sharing!

La said...

I love this! I would totally stand in line at the fair to get my families picture taken. Way cool.

Jessica said...

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I hope to get one in the mail and then show all my friends and brag about it!

Krista said...

This is so unbelieveably frickin awesome! I TOTALLY want to copy it (too late this year!) Can you be my new BFF and send me a Christmas card this year? ; ) not kidding

Stacy said...

WOW! You should be impressed with yourself! That is AMAZING! Thank you so much for linking it up today. So fun!!!

Amy said...

This is completely and totally AMAZING! What a funny, cool and GENIUS idea!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

I'm totally in love with this idea!!! I want one for the parties at my house! It reminds me of the Brady Bunch!!! I am featuring this at Grab my "featured" button.

Tammy said...

so unique, great card. saw it on somedaycrafts., new follower.


That is an awesome idea. I just love it. I'm bookmarking it to borrow fir the future.

The Brownings said...

This is such an awesome idea!!

The Brownings said...

This is such an awesome idea!!

DANA said...

What a great idea! I would lovwe for you to come link this up at my Strut Your Stuff party!

Stacy @ She's {kinda} Crafty said...

brilliant idea!!! Love your Christmas card, too!

Jaclyn said...

OK, hands down the COOLEST Christmas card EVER!!! Love it!

Jayna Rae said...

How clever!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

Shauna {SK Studios} said...

saw you on tatertots and jello- SUCH a creative idea!!! it turned out amazing!!

Jennifer said...

This is such a CUTE idea. I love your creativity.

Having a little blog Giveaway for a $20 Home Depot Gift Card if anyone is interested.

MickyD said...

This is one of the coolest things I've seen. Thanks for the post and inspiration!!

swoodsonshoeclips said...

So cute, these are popular for wedding but love this spin!

Jana said...

How fun!!

Come enter to win a free paper bead necklace from Heart Strings for Orphans!

Terry said...

What a clever project! I love your blog and am your newest follower! Have a great Christmas!

Meg said...

Wow! This is an awesome project! Great creativity! Merry Christmas!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

I featured this on my blog today!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

I've traveled all over blog, and have never seen anything sooo inventive!

If I ever learn to work a jigsaw (goal for 2011)...I want this!

If you have a second please show this off at creative juice!


Creative Expressions by Lynn said...

This is amazing!!! You guys did SUPER! Lots of work and paid off well. I love this!

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

What a fun idea! We are sooo doing this next year!

Pamela Knopf said...

This is just the cutest and coolest thing I have seen on MANY blogs I look at. What a creative idea. Yes, I agree, you have the best Christmas card on the planet! GREAT job!!

Karen the Suburbanite said...

This is great you should link this up to my linky party Savvy Suburbanite takes Photos on Tuesdays! You have great pictures! http//

poindextr said...

Never seen anything like it - so completely imaginative! Very festive and original Christmas greeting! What fun that must have been :) Merry Christmas & thanks for sharing. Adorable family photo :)

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...


Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday...

(sidenote: I am using that fact that your husband helped with this project to coerce mine into helping me with some of my own)...

Hope to see more of your ideas in 2011!

This needs to be featured on Nate...

ME said...

This is so clever! What a an awesome idea!...Thank you for Sharing!

Pam said... adorable that is. Love it.

JaeAna said...

Freaking LOVE IT!!!

Linda said...

I don't even know if you will get this comment. I just saw this. I have been sick all day and going through blogs and came across this. Absolutely amazing. I am with you in that you should market it. It would be so fun at different events. Keep the price reasonable and your hard work will pay off. I would definitely have you come to my next event.

Fabrik ETC said...

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