Thursday, November 11, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelet and Napkin Rings

I'm still waiting for my shipment... dang postal service.  So in the meantime I have rearranged my schedule so I can hopefully get back on track.  That's the problem with making yourself a schedule, if something doesn't go as planned then everything gets thrown off.  I guess the lesson learned is quit trying to be organized! ;)

Since I'm going to be sharing some Christmas gift ideas over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be great to start with this fun, easy and inexpensive idea that would be great for any of the women in your life.  Let me introduce you to the safety pin bracelet.

Super fun right?  I of course made a Christmas bracelet but you could used any color beads to make whatever suits your fancy.

Its really simple to make too.  All you do is get a pack of safety pins and some beads.  Be sure your beads are big enough to fit onto the safety pin.  Then just open the pin, add some beads (I used 5 per pin) and then close them up again.  Once you have all your pins beaded you take a couple lengths of clear stretchy cording and string them up.  One string going through the back of the pin and the other through the front.  Make sure your beads all face the same directions and turn the pins around each time.  Once its long enough, just knot closed and you are done!  (Does that make sense? I was going to do a picture tutorial but it is really so simple I felt stupid taking the pictures so I stopped.  If any one has any questions, just email me.)

After making my first bracelet I had the brilliant idea of making them into napkin rings.  Super cute too!

They are made the exact same way, just smaller.

So for about $20 in materials (that's with 2 packs of safety pins) you can make 4-5 bracelets or 3-4 (set of 4) napkin rings.  Now that's a cute $5 gift!

As always, I will be linking to these parties.



Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

SO cute. That's really impressive!
also...nice plates. hahaha.

Ane said...

too cute.. thanks for the idea. going to try it out.. my daughter will luv it!

Young and Crafty said...

These are great! The great thing is you can use them for any holiday and coordinate the colors!

Thanks so much for linking up to Free for All!

Hannah @

Moe said...

This is cute, I'd love to have it linked up to my first ever link party Hooray for the Holidays! over at Cross My Hooks.

I hope you'll pop by :)

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Super cute!

Nichelle said...

That's super cute! I love the deep reds!

Thanks for sharing!!! I'd love your input on my crafts!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I can totally see my daughter aking a slew of these! Thanks!

Holly said...

So clever. What a sparkly fun napkin ring!

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