Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Wreath

You can't decorate for Christmas without making a wreath!  Here's the one I made.

It so sparkly, I love it! Plus it was super easy to make, love that too.

Here's my method.

A wreath form.  I used a vine wreath so I didn't have to worry about some of it showing, but whatever if fine. 
Leaves. Buy whatever is cheap because you are going to make them pretty later.  I used two sprigs of holly leaves. 
One bundle curly sprigs.  Not really sure what you actually call these, but here is a picture. (you can see my leaves too)

Glitter.  You can buy nice glitter or you can buy cheap glitter.  While the nice stuff would have been...well... nice, I am cheap and got the cheapest stuff I could find.
Glue.  You will need both hot glue and craft glue. (I actually used modge podge because it was easiest to find in my mess)

All you do it rip all the leaves off, paint them with glue and cover in glitter.

Once they are dry, arrange them around your wreath form however suits your fancy.  I made mine go all the same direction.  Hot glue into place.

Add your curlies...

Top with a bow...

Hang and enjoy!

I told you it was easy! 

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