Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Mantle

I had planned on showing a bunch of tutorials throughout December and then having a big reveal of "My Home for the Holidays,"  but then people started having fun linky parties that I want to participate in.  So, I guess I'll just play it by ear and show you guys things as they come up.  (Although I still may do a "home for the holidays" post at the end of the month.)

Anywho.... He is my mantle (okay fake mantle, whateve) all decked out for Christmas!

It's super fun and colorful.  I'll come back and share more detail of some of the things later.  If you want to feast your eyes on more mantle goodness, go check out the mantle party over at A Lettered Cottage.

The Lettered Cottage


The Reluctant Blogger said...

So pretty! I wish I had thought of this faux mantle for those years of no mantle in my house!

Cha Cha said...

Perfectly sweet, I love how colorful it all is, you did a great job.

Merry Christmas,
Cha Cha

Krista said...

Super cute! Now, will you come over and decorate my mantle, it's always the bane of my existance!!

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

I just LOVE it.
I love it all.
I can't wait to see the breakdown of how you did everything.
You have such an eye for this stuff.
Man, I'm impressed!!


Wonderful decor! I'd love to know how you got your garland to hang that way on your mantle? What did you use to make the swag stay that way? Can you please pay a visit to my blog and let me know - I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thank you!! : )

Joan said...

Well, first off, never admit that it is a Fake anything! Ha. It's real. It's a real shelf that cannot be bothered with a dirty ol' fire. It's a real shelf that displays Art, Joy, Color, Mischief and the Fun of the Family that is your own. Good Job.

I very much enjoyed viewing your mantel. It has a lot going on as far as color and texture, yet it never appears busy or confusing. Would love to suggest that you ignore any rules to the symmetry of hanging garland. Nonsense. Please allow your garland to be as much fun as YOU.

BTW, I don't have a fireplace either and I've just rec'd my new Pottery Barn mantel shelf. One of my sisters ordered on the same day. So, you are not alone -- there are quite a few of us Out There doing the decor on a shelf.


Bayardo Bonilla said...

Where did you get your mantle???!!!!!!


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