Monday, October 18, 2010

The (not so) Itsy Bitsy Spider

I really hate spiders.  Or at least I really hate real spiders.  But during Halloween I think spiders are a lot of fun to decorate with so I set off to create a big old spider to hang from the light by my front door.  He turned out SO cute too! I just love him! Wanna see?

Isn't he fun!?!  Here are a couple more close up.

And here is the front door so you can see it all together.  It really is big.  I would totally die if I saw a real spider that size, but he is too cute to be scary.

So, do you want to make your own? It was really easy and fun! Here's how.

You will need:

6" Styrofoam ball
black paint
black glitter paint (optional)
1 large puffy chenille pipe cleaner.  Not sure what they are really called, but I found it at Micheal's with the rest of the pipe cleaners.
3 googlie eyes. (that's the technical term) Or however many you want your spider to have.
hot glue
string or yarn

Step 1:  Paint the ball black and let dry.  This was the hardest part of the whole project because it took forever to dry and I'm not the most patient crafter.
Step2: Do a coat with black glitter paint.  While the glitter added a little, I'm not sure it made enough of a difference to be really worth the extra step.
Step 3: While that is drying, cute two 2-3 inch pieces off your pipe cleaner for the fangs.  Divide what it left into eight pieces for the legs.  I gave the fang pieces a little hair cut so they weren't to furry.
Step 4: Once the ball is dry, decide which side is the front and hot glue on a couple of eyes.  I started with two and later added the third.  Use a pencil or something to make a hole in the ball.  Add some hot glue into the hole and push the fang in place.  Do the same thing for the legs.  Shape the legs to look like legs by bending a the "knee" and giving a little foot.
Step 5.  Add another hole to the top.  Tie a big knot in your yarn and use the pencil to shove the yarn into the glue filled hole.  Add a little more glue on top for extra measure.
Step 6: Hang and enjoy your cute new friend!

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