Monday, October 25, 2010

A haunted house, spider web, and window clings.

So do you remember when Crafty Sisters made the cutest little Halloween village out of bird houses? Well, I totally copied them.  I only made one house but still I think it turned out pretty cute and is a fun addition to my Halloween decor.

As always, I had to get a "front step shot" so I could get a good pic.  But I thought I'd show you what it actually looks like mixed into my "stuff" too.

All I did was paint a craft store birdhouse black and then "decorate" the back side of it with scrapbook paper and embellishments.  It was a fun project.

And since we are on the topic of coping my fellow bloggers, here is one more.   I was asking my husband the other day if he thought our front door Halloween decor (Say that 10 time fast!) was cute, and he said "Well, yeah but its a little boring."  We can't have that! So I totally copied Staci at Craftify It and made a yarn web in my front window. I then put up some fake cobwebs and a few more spiders and now it looks a lot more "done."  (We still need a few big pumpkins on the steps but we haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet.  Were getting there!)

But I do have one original idea for you!  After making my haunted house, I had a bunch of adorable Halloween scrapbook embellishments left and I was determined to use them somehow.  I had heard that you could use hot glue to make window clings, so I grabbed a few, put a bunch of glue on the back, let them dry and stuck them to the window.  It worked great... until the sun went down.  As soon as that glass got cold they all fell off. (pout)  I'm not easily deterred though so after some research I found that there is actual "window cling" paint. So I got a bottle of this...

And did this...

And now I have this!


It worked perfect! Make sure your glue dries completely before putting them on the window, but since it dries clear, it looks cute from both sides. (my embellishments were two sided.) Oh, the possibilities are endless!


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