Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dressing Up

Do you dress up for Halloween? While I love to get the kids all decked out, I usually don't go all out on a costume for myself.  I do like to do something though.  I will admit to being a cat many many times.  I simply wear black and a "cat ear" headband.  I like it because I feel dressed up without feeling silly.  This year however I had another idea.  I am being "the other mother" from the movie Coraline.

Have you seen Coraline? Great show.  My kids love it and I love that its one of the few that my husband and I can actually sit through.  If you are looking for a good, family friendly Halloween movie, I would recommend it.  Creepy without scaring your children to death! :)

Anyway, back to the other mother.  This is what I was going for.

Its the perfect character because, other then the button eyes, I can basically be myself.  And its creepy!  So this is what I came up with.

I apologize for the totally dorky picture, but whats a girl to do?

Haha.. too funny huh!?!  I love it. And it case you are wondering, yes I can see.  I wouldn't recommend driving with them on or anything, but I can definitely wear them trick-or-treating with the kids.  I actually made them with Palmer's clay.  They have a rim, like you'd do with glasses, so that I can blink, and I can see out of the little thread holes.  I attached them to each other and my head with stretchy clear beading string. 

So are you dressing up this year? Do tell!


Witness Protection Program said...


(ps your skin looks phenomenal)

Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

haa!! you're hilarious.

Great costume. No denying the Coraline resemblance!

I'm going as a pumpkin...not the first time either. Every year I have a newborn to dress in the little pumpkin suit, I'm the Mama pumpking. On the off years, I don't do anything!

Holly said...

The button eyes are cute and creepy! Not sure what to think...but it is clever! I don;t really dress up...I wore lots of makeup and nice clothes last year and put on a cool apron and went as a 50's housewife...bu that's about it for me.
Happy Halloween.

Kristol Faucheux said...

Cute but a little creepy!!! Our neighborhood has a Halloween Hayride every year for all the neighborhood kids. We fill a couple of wagons and trailers with hay and haul about 40 kids around to about 20 houses throughout the hood. Most all stops are for the kids, but a few of them are also for the adults... jello shots and spiced cider. Anyway, this will be our fourth year. The first year, our son was only 8 weeks old, and he went as a Crawdad. My husband and I really didn't wear costumes. Then the next year, along with one of the neighbor girls, we went as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Then last year, with another addition to the family, we went as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Me as Dorothy, my husband as the Tin Man, my two year old as the Scarecrow and my 5 month old as the Lion. Now this year, we are paying tribute to Star Wars. Me as Princess Leia, my husband as Han Solo, my three year old (named Luke) as Luke Skywaler, and my 17month old as Darth Vadar. It's a really big deal here in the hood for the parents to participate in the dressing up. However, we seem to be the only family who goes all out with a theme. Maybe that's because our kids are still too little to "want" to dress up as something specific. I'm sure next year will be a completely different story.

Angi said...

We have a family party to attend tonight. I am going as a bad witch and my husband is going as sandwhich.. courtesy of Joanns.. simply ironing on the wording onto a purple tshir for me and an iron on of a pbj on his.. ha
Our daughter is going with a pillowcase shirt of a ghost.

Wang Yueh said...

HI, I find your photo and it really looks like me (when I was younger and thinner). I thought I found myself. I am Taiwanese.


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