Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inspiration File

Once again we will kick off this weeks inspiration file with a couple Halloween related posts.  I'm sure everyone is familiar with Layla Grace and their to-die-for furniture and accessories.  Well they have some new customizable Halloween art available, and the table scape they set up for the photo shoot is insane.  This look screams for a knock off.  I really want to recreate this wall in my home, (and think I could pull it off)  but unfortunately I don't have the time, space or money.  Maybe next year.

Of course if I did try to recreate that table scape, I'd only try to knock off the main painting and would switch out the two smaller ones with these...

This awesome idea is brought to you by Tatertots and Jello.   The Halloween Specimen Art is SO fun and seems like a really simple project. Plus this idea can be taken in a million different ways.  I could totally see little hearts for Valentines. Too cute!

Now on a completely different note, I came across this adorable card on Just Jingle.  Card making is a craft I've yet to take up, but would really like to.  I can't tell you how many time I had to run to Walgreens on the way to a wedding or shower for a card.  It would be super fun to make a stock pile for different occasions when I'm board someday.  (I know, I know... when does any of us have time to be board!)  I thought this card was particularly funny, the inside reads "Thought you could use a pick me up."

This week Design Sponge posted their list of 20 top fabric resources.  I live in a small town with very limited shopping choices.  I was excited to have a reference for when I venture to larger cities or am shopping online.  Especially since my brain works backwards.  Instead of letting a fabric inspire a project, I usually start a project with a specific look in mind.  Finding what matches the image in my head can be quite challenging!

And all this talk of fabric makes me want to make a quilt.  I love quilts. I really want to be a quilter but lack the patience.  I'm convinced that I'm going to master my impatience one day and when that happens I will make beautifully intricate quilts.  And thanks to Creations by Kara I can now tie it without the annoying ties on one side.  Its not often that you learn a new technique that you never knew was possible.  Love how much cleaner this looks!

And this last one is for my Mom.  She has a thing for cruises, but really she just goes on vacation for the molten lava cake and the casino. So when TomKat Studio posted a couple different lava cake recipes, I knew I had to share them for her.  I will be expecting to see these this Thanksgiving Mom, so get cracking!

Have a great weekend!

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