Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dry Erase/ Magnetic Memo Center

I've seen alot of memo boards lately and have been wanting to make one. I really liked the idea of having a glass front so you could use a dry erase marker on it, but I also really liked the idea of a metal memo board that you could stick notes on with magnets. So I combined the idea and made mine do both.

I found a frame with glass that I liked, used scrapbook paper for the backing, drew the grid for the calender right on the paper, and lined the back with a sheet of metal. I glued magnets on some marbles I had at home. I used a fairly large magnet so that it would be strong enough to go through the glass.

Now I have the perfect spot to leave messages, place reminders, and try to keep my life somewhat organized.

The best part is that since the back is made with paper, it'll only cost a couple dollars to change it out as my mood shifts, which it seems to do surprisingly often. I'm liking it for now but think I'll make the calender larger next time around.

What do ya think?

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