Monday, March 08, 2010

A Bit of Spring

The weather is starting to turn and I am so excited for spring! I decided it was high time to retire the winter wreath on the front door. I made a simple spring wreath using a vine wreath from the craft store, some artificial apple blossoms and green ribbon. It was super simple but looks so soft and pretty. Ahhh... I love you spring!

EDIT: I was asked to give more detail on how I made this wreath. It was super simple. All you need is a vine wreath, about three or four bunches of faux apple blossoms, green ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Cut the blossoms off by branch and tuck into the wreath, gluing in place where needed. Be sure to go the in the same direction. Once the wreath is covered fill in any holes by gluing down individual blossoms. Make a simple blow with your ribbon leaving the ends about 18" longs. Then make another bow but cut the ends off this one. Glue the two bows together and then glue another little piece around the bow center to give it a uniform look. Glue it to the wreath and then tuck the bow ends into the flowers, gluing where needed. Hope this helps, if anyone decided to make this I'd love to see a pic!


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