Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple updates make me happy!

My new curtains inspired me to update the center piece on my kitchen table.

I took the bowl that I had my winter pine cones in and removed the stand, placed it on top of a teal cloth napkin and a spring garland, and then placed three pillar candles in the center. I then surrounded the candles with glass marbles. It looks so fresh and pretty!

Now if only spring would get here already!

*Designer Tip: When decorating with candles be sure to burn them for a few minutes so they lose that "just out of the wrapper" look.


Karren said...

This looks so fresh and pretty. Good job!

Meagan said...

So I need you opinion Krystal. I am trying to decide between two bed sets for Mason's room. (We will be moving him to a big boy bed soon). They are both from Target. They are the Circo Hit the Road line. There is a quilt (which I actually already bought but am second guessing) and the comforter. Although it doesn't show it online, the comforter is reversible to a cute plaid design. I initially didn't like it (the comforter) because I thought it was a little busy, hence why I bought the quilt (less busy). But now I am wondering if I'll want the option to reverse it in the future. Also I guess the quilt is really crappy to wash. So here is what his room is like. The walls are kind of a tan color except for one which is navy blue. We are ordering some dark cherry wood furniture (bed, chest of drawers and bedside stand). I just want you professional opinion on what I should do. Another option I have considered is to do the car sheets and a solid color comforter. But I wonder if that will look good with the blue wall. Anyway, sorry to write this all on your blog. I'm just really bad at this stuff. you can email me your response if you want.

Winn Family said...

Meagan, the quilt is super cute and I can see why you picked it. However (from a Mom perspective not a design one) Ezra had a quilt from Target that was the same brand and had a bunch of appliqu├ęs like that one does. It really did wash terrible and ended up really clumpy. Once you start potty training you may need to wash it a lot! :) You could always buy an inexpensive solid color comforter for everyday use (like you suggested) and just fold the quilt over the end of the bed, or if there is room you could hang the quilt on the wall. It also looks like that they have a throw that goes with the set. That folded over the end of a solid color would look really cute too. If you get a solid color comforter I would suggest a color other than blue since you have a blue wall to keep the room interesting. Pick a color out of the quilt or sheets (I would do the green since the furniture is cherry) just be sure to repeat the colors throughout the room with your accessories. I will post pics of Ezra room next week (I am out of town) to show you how I carried the colors around his room through accessories. Hope this helps and have fun! Kid’s rooms are the best!


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