Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Feed The Bears!

A Big Boy Room

Before the birth my daughter, my poor son not only got kicked out of his crib in order to make room for the new baby, he got kicked out of his room. The room we use as the nursery is larger and we needed all that space for the baby furniture so he got to move to a "big boy bed" in a new "big boy room." We were determined to make his room very special in hopes that it would make the transition easier. I think it worked because he loved his new room from the start. Wanna see?

We decided to go with an outdoorsy, woodsman feel. Our little guy is quite the adventurer and as a family we love the woods, so it was an natural pick. It all started with the adorable bedding* from Target and pulled all the colors from there. We thought natural wood was perfect for the look we were after and I LOVE all the toy storage under the bed.

*As adorable as the bedding is, it washes terribly. Most the time the comforter is folded up in the closet. Luckily my son doesn't sleep in the bed anyway, but curled up with his blankie on top. (It runs in the family) The sheets are still really cute so I don't mind so much.

I also LOVE the thick, dark brown window panels. They are not only the perfect color, but provide a complete black out when closed. Perfect for a little guy that is easily distracted.

Originally I wanted to do a feature wall with log siding so the room looked like the inside of a cabin. It would have been FABULOUS but after much thought we decided it was to permanent. We would have to replace all the sheet rock on that wall if we ever decided to change it and, for resale reasons, it just wasn't worth it. (although part of me still wishes we had.) Instead we took two colors of green, picked out of the bedding, a did a simple paint treatment. We did three walls in SW Ryegrass and the feature wall in a darker SW Relentless Olive. (found on the same color card to ensure harmony between the colors)

(Hi Max!)

I than took a dresser we already had and gave it new life. We bought this dresser at Walmart for $99 several years earlier. It was a light color stain without any finish coat so it was super easy to change. I gave it a new colored stain, sanded the edges to antique it, a couple coats of poly, and new knobs.

It looks kind of orange in these pictures but it actually more of a burnt red.

I put the same knobs on the closet doors.

I than stained a shelf that I purchased at a craft store the same as the dresser. I painted on the words "Don't Feed The Bears." The snowshoes were my husbands as a kid and added the perfect touch.

We used antlers, bears, and anything with a rustic touch to accessorize with.

The teddy bear skin rug was to die for and a birthday gift from Grandma. Love You!

I found some star hooks and the perfect red star to hang behind the door. Its great to have a ready spot to hang coats and hats.

This vinyl wall quote was so perfect for my little guy that I just to find a spot for it.

What little boys room would be complete without glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling?

However, the thing I am most proud of are the letters that spell his name. I took a different plaid out of his bedding for each letter and did my best to copy it. They took HOURS but I think they are so special, even if a little imperfect.

So there you have it. The perfect room for our little man.

And because I can't resist, here is a flash back of the little man himself right around his first birthday.

What a cutie! I can't believe how much he has grown!


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